Group Management Board

Henrik Stig Moeller (1952)
Henrik Stig Moeller (1952)

Managing Partner


From May 1998-2006 Henrik was Head of International Business Development and board member in Danish TK Development A/S for TK’s Central and Eastern European activities in which period TK developed 18 shopping centers in these markets. In this position Henrik was not only responsible for establishing business in these and new markets but also for creating and supervising development partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe as well as for sale of shopping centers developed by TK.

Henrik graduated in 1981 from Copenhagen University, Faculty of Law and for 35 years a qualified lawyer admitted to the Danish Supreme Court. Until joining TK Henrik was further head of legal department in the biggest Danish Mortgage Bank and partner in 2 law firms in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Phone: +45 20 990 836

Arne Bongenaar (1961)
Arne Bongenaar (1961)

Managing Partner


From 2004 till 2006 Arne was Sales Director for Multi Development’s Central European and Turkish shopping center portfolio.

From June 1999-2004 Arne was responsible for the Central European activities of Ahold Real Estate Europe. Under his supervision Ahold developed and co-developed 12 shopping centers in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Prior to that Arne was working as an acquisition director at Schiphol International Airport and as senior consultant at the Nationale Investerings Bank.

By education Arne is an urban geographer. He graduated in 1989 from The University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He holds a doctor’s degree from the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands with a thesis on public private partnerships in urban development in Japan.

Phone: +31 612 157 458

Tomasz Szewczyk (1968)
Tomasz Szewczyk (1968)

Managing Partner


From 1999 to 2006 Tomasz was working for Royal Ahold, ultimately as Vice President Real Estate Ahold Central Europe, being responsible for all real estate activities of Ahold in Central Europe. Ahold at that time operated app 400 Albert supermarkets and 70 Hypernova hypermarkets in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Tomasz was dealing with the development of numerous shopping centers, acquisitions and sales, both of real estate as well as retail operations.

Tomasz joined ACTEEUM Group in October 2006. From January 2007 till September 2009 he acted as Country Managing Director Turkey, being responsible for all ACTEEUM development and shopping center management activities in Turkey. As of September 2009 Tomasz is Regional Managing Director for ACTEEUM Central Europe.

By education Tomasz is a civil engineer, graduated from the Technical University of Cracow.

Phone: +48 784 381 671

Shopping centers developments in which ACTEEUM directors have had a major involvement

LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
BialystokGaleria Biala35,0002007TKD / Atrium
Bielsko BialaSarni Stok35,0002001Ahold / ING / CBRE Global Investors
Bielsko BialaSarni Stock. extension3,0002012CBRE Global Investors
BytomPlejada28,0002000TKD / Carrefour
BydgoszczGalaria Pomorska38,0002003TKD / Ahold / Dawney Day / Renaissance
ElblagOgrody43,0002002Ahold / ING / CBRE Global Investors
ElblagOrgody, remodeling and extension68,0002015CBRE Global Investors
InowroclawGaleria Solna36,0002013Libra / Acteeum
KoszalinForum Koszalin65,0002008Multi Development / Atrium
SosnowiecPlejada32,0002001TDK + Ahold
Stalowa WolaVIVO!32,0002015IFAG and ACT
Tomaszow MazowieckiGaleria Tomaszow17,0002016Rockcastle (85%), ACT (15%)
TorunGaleria Copernicus28,0002004TKD / Ahold / Atrium
WarsawReduta I35,0001999TKD
WarsawReduta II12,0002002Foras DK
WarsawTargowek I33,0001998TKD
WarsawTargowek II16,0002001Foras DK
WarsawTargowek Retail Park11,0002007TKD
KoszalinForum Koszalin65,0002008Multi Development / Atrium
Czech Republic
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
BrnoFuturum25,0002001TKD / Carrefour
BrnoOlympia80,0002000Ahold / Stannifer / Trizec /ECE
OstravaFuturum30,0002000TKD / Carrefour
Hradec KraloveFuturum25,0002000TKD / Carrefour
Karlovy VaryKolonada25,0002005Dawny Day UK
KarvinaOlympia Karvina16,0002003Ahold / ING / CBRE
Mlada BoleslavOlympia28,0002002Ahold / Europolis / CA IMMO
OlomoucFuturum20,0002003TKD / Carrefour
OlomoucOlympia45,0002004Ahold / Multi Development / ImmoFinanz
PlzenOlympia55,0002003Ahold / Multi Development / ING / CBRE
PragueOptima Butowice40,0002005TKD / Ahold / ING / Babcock
PragueCetska35,0002006TKD / Europolis
PragueSterboholy(FAC)20,0002007TKD / GVA Grimley
TepliceOlympia35,0002002Ahold / Europolis / CA IMMO
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
Kosice35,0002002TKD / Ahold / Meinl
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
IstanbulGoztepe120,0002008ACTEEUM / AERE
IstanbulForum Tem80,0002010MULTI
MersinForum Mersin80,0002006MULTI
SamsunOld Bus Station55,0002007ACTEEUM / AERE
Khraman-MarasOld bus station55,0002008ACTEEUM / AERE
SanilurfaOld bus station47,0002011ACTEEUM / AERE
TokatOld bazar26,0002008ACTEEUM / AERE
AdanaBrown field70,0002007ACTEEUM / AERE
MalatyaOld bazar54,0002008ACTEEUM / CORIO
TarsusOld bus station27,0002008ACTEEUM / CORIO
TrabzonForum Trabzon60,0002006MULTI
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
KharkivEast65,000LOI signedACTEEUM / AERE
OdessaIprodrome65,000(+700 apartments)2010ACTEEUM / AERE
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
Togliatti26,0002007PARK HOUSE / AERE
Kazan47,0002008PARK HOUSE / AERE
Volgograd30,5002008PARK HOUSE / AERE
Ekatinburg33,0002008PARK HOUSE / AERE
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
Minsk19,5002010Private Inv.
Brest16,9002010Private Inv.
Vitebsk26,7002010Private Inv.
Mogilev22,4002010Private Inv.
Grodno28,4002010Private Inv.
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
Tbilisi40,000 + 1.200 apartments2008AERE / EBRD
LocationShopping CentreBuilding Area (ca. sqm)OpeningProject owner
Jerevan20,0002009Private Inv.

The above list does not include involvements in office developments.

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