Since its inception in 2006 the Acteeum Group primary skill has been in development, taking pride in selecting sites, conducting market research, investigating tenant’s interest, preparing rent rolls, setting up feasibility studies, designing lay outs, organizing construction tenders, supervising construction processes, celebrating opening campaigns and taking the teething problems away from the new shopping centers.

The development process calls for a patient and solid approach and in 2015 the Group decided to apply the development skills not only to the development of shopping centers, retail parks and centers qualifying for redevelopment, but also to the development of residential buildings. The residential sector in Poland has seen an enormous growth over the past 20 years, initially almost exclusively targeting home owners. Over time private investors became to own  second homes for private sector renting purposes. In more recent years institutional investors analyzed the potential for the organized rental market and the first large commitments have been made. Since there is no product available in the market today the investors have to select projects from the developers’ drawing tables. It is this segment of the business to business residential market that is now also the focus of Acteeum group.

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