The newest retail project, Galeria Siemianowice, developed jointly by Acteeum Group and Falcon Investment Management, introduces a new quality to the retail market of the city and the region. Even now – over a year before the planned opening – it is clear that thanks to its shopping offer, functionality, quality and surrounding infrastructure, it will be the hottest spot on the retail map of Siemianowice.
The construction of the Siemianowice shopping center will start in 2022, and its opening is planned for the second half of 2023.


The expectations of retail clients have recently changed dramatically and rapidly. Conditions related to COVID-19, a much greater demand for efficiency and convenience of shopping, as well as high expectations as to the variety and quality of the retail offer greatly influenced the developed shopping investments.

In the avant-garde of adaptation to changing conditions, Acteeum Group strengthens its solid position. Acteeum is able to listen to the expectations of the market, understand the related needs of tenants and, consequently, develop commercial facilities from A to Z, meeting the expectations of all retail market participants. Acteeum’s currently developed projects are facilities in the Power Center formula, providing a comprehensive offer for customers in virtually all shopping segments.

An example of such a development is Galeria Siemianowice, which is already exceptionally successful in commercialization more than a year before the planned opening, proving its attractiveness and modernity. This project, on the one hand, provides a comfortable, efficient and convenient formula of a retail park, excellent location and accessibility, and at the same time an extremely attractive range of brands that will open their stores in Galeria Siemianowice.


– We are very happy that by developing the project in Siemianowice, we are introducing a real “new quality” to the local retail market. The fact that our tenants fully share this view fills us with pride and even more energy to act.

By creating an avant-garde project of the city and the region scale, we provide customers with access to a perfectly tailored shopping and service offer, in a well-designed facility, and on the other hand, we create space for tenants to establish a strong presence or strengthen their position in the catchment of over 280 thousand customers. We are glad that so many well-known and respected clothing chains join us. Recently, we have signed lease agreements with further fashion brands that will open their first and only stores in Siemianowice. The Sinsay store will be of 960 m², Cropp and House stores will be of 510 m², Smyk 450 m² and New Yorker will lease 1,300 m², making it the largest clothing store in the city. Due to the fact that we flexibly adapt our project to the needs of the market, we ensure its commercial and functional success, and – what is extremely important – we ensure customer satisfaction.

– says Mariusz Kowalczyk, Lesing Director of Acteeum Central Europe


Galeria Siemianowice is a modern facility in every respect, meeting not only basic shopping needs, but also offering a very diverse, wide and attractive shopping offer, services and gastronomy. Galeria will offer everything that customers will need – from a modern and spacious Lidl supermarket, through a wide range of fashion, household, consumer electronics, sports, drugstore, media and discount brands, to a large home and garden store. In addition, a popular gastronomic facility will be located within Galeria Siemieniowce, and a gas station and infrastructure for charging electric vehicles will be located right next to it. However, there are more advantages of the project – Galeria Siemianowice will provide attractive architectural features, not only for the commercial facilities themselves, but also the so-called small architecture, relaxation zones, entertainment, games and activities for children and gastronomy. And all this with excellent accessibility both for motorized customers and those using public transport.

All these advantages make Galeria Siemianowice very popular among tenants who have already decided to lease most of the retail space in the facility. Only the last lease agreements are to be finalized. The commercialization process of the project will be completed in the near future, over a year before its opening.


Galeria Siemianowice is a project developed in the Power Center formula, with a total area of 18,000 sqm GLA will offer a Lidl supermarket with an area of approx. 2,000 sqm and 30 commercial premises, as well as a gastronomic and service offer. The facility will provide customers with approximately 550 parking spaces and excellent public transport connections.

The plot on which Galeria Siemianowice is being built is located in the very center of Siemianowice Śląskie, walking distance from the Market Square, next to Skargi Square, at the intersection of Katowicka, Staszica and Waryńskiego streets. In the immediate vicinity of the facility, there are public transport stops – bus and tram, and the surrounding streets provide excellent access both within the city and the entire metropolitan center of Upper Silesia.

The Siemianowice shopping center will cover the catchment of over 280,000 inhabitants of the city and the region of Upper Silesia.

The opening of the facility is planned for the second half of 2023.



Information about Acteeum

Acteeum Group is a privately owned international company operating on the commercial and residential real estate market in Poland, undertaking the entire development process, starting from selecting suitable plots for development through the stage of design, construction, commercialization, management and sale of facilities.

The Acteeum approach to projects is based on extensive experience and knowledge of the polish market and the development process. The company is a business partner of large institutional companies, including CBRE Global Investors, Immofinanz, NepiRockcastle, BPI, Equilis as well as private investors. Acteeum focuses on the development of large scale retail facilities and residential projects.

Acteeum manages a land portfolio and negotiates the purchase of further plots for the construction of shopping centers, retail parks, residential developments as well as mixed schemes.

Further information about Acteeum and its projects at:


Information about Falcon

Falcon Investment Management is a dynamically developing company on the commercial real estate market in the Retail Park segment, founded by Piotr Piechocki. Currently, it develops a number of projects in the Joint-Venture formula with external partners and several own projects. The growth of Falcon Investment Management in the coming years will be based on the acquisitions of operating real properties, cooperation with external partners as well as conducting own investment and development activities, with the aim of building a nationwide, stable portfolio of retail parks.

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