The shopping center in Ostróda, which is being built on a grand scale by Acteeum, is entering a new stage of development. The Ostróda Power Center project has just received a valid building permit, which leads to the construction works start in the third quarter of this year.

This modern and spacious facility with a total area of 25,000 m² GLA and 700 parking spaces has already gained great tenants’ recognition, reaching over 80% of commercialization. The opening of the facility is scheduled for mid-2023.


Ostróda Power Center developed by Acteeum Group combines all the important features of a project that ensures success for both tenants, customers and the local community. The Acteeum shopping center in Ostróda will provide the largest retail space in the city and the region, approx. 25,000 m², as well as spacious parking lot, a drive-thru offer, a gas station and other services, ensuring the highest comfort of shopping for our customers.

The excellent location of the Center – at the main entrance road to the center of Ostróda and directly at the junction of the S7 and S16 expressways, will ensure extremely convenient access from Ostróda itself and from nearby towns. Moreover, the location at the intersection of two key communication arteries in north-west Poland will make the facility meeting not only the shopping needs of the inhabitants of the surrounding region, but also intense transit traffic on the “north-south” and “east-west” directions.


– The issuance of a valid building permit for the project in Ostróda is an extremely important and joyful circumstance for us. We are very pleased with it because it is a milestone in the development of our shopping center, bringing its opening closer. We are already preparing for construction works, which we plan to start in the third quarter of this year. – says Mariusz Kowalczyk, Leasing Director of Acteeum Central Europe.

At the same time, obtaining a building permit and construction works that are to begin soon are even better reasons for tenants to join the project. Moreover, the commercialization of Ostróda Power Center progresses extremely dynamically, as evidenced by the confirmed participation of many well-known brands and the overall level of commercialization of the project, already reaching over 80%.” – adds Mariusz Kowalczyk


The strategic location of the Ostróda project, the formula of the retail park and the Acteeum experience effectively attract tenants, among which there are already well-known brands such as Sinsay, Cropp and House of the LPP Group, Media Expert and 4F. A number of other tenants have already confirmed joining the project, causing over 80% of retail space to be commercialized, more than a year before the opening of the facility. An additional advantage of the center, which increases the commercial potential, is the strong emphasis placed by Acteeum on including in the project comprehensive service for motorized customers traveling on the S7 and S16 routes. They will find here a gas station, the possibility of charging electric vehicles, a drive-thru restaurant and a friendly space that allows for a refreshing travel break.

The opening of Ostróda Power Center is scheduled for mid-2023.


Ostróda Power Center

Ostróda Power Center will be the first and the largest shopping complex of this type in the region. It will offer a total area of over 25,000 m² GLA, covering over 14,000 m² GLA of a retail park, a stand-alone Home and Garden store as well as additional services such as a drive-thru restaurant, gas station, car wash and over 700 parking spaces.

The facility will be developed on the main access road to the city center, directly at the junction of the S7 expressway, connecting Warsaw and Gdańsk, and the S16 leading to Olsztyn and Grudziądz. The location of the facility is also naturally perfectly connected with Ostróda and the region. Ostróda Power Center catchment zone will cover over 120,000 inhabitants as well as extremely intense transit traffic on the S7 and S16 routes.

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